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Welcome to The Homestead Consultant

We offer help for the homesteader or

homesteader-to-be with three innovative services that focus on your goals for your homestead:

1. Property Evaluation

2. Property Design 

3. Implementation Support


1. Property Evaluation

There are two flavors of property evaluation that we offer.


The first is for those looking to purchase a property. It is designed to pair with a home inspection (which our parent company offers HERE) and "kill two birds with one stone" so to speak. The evaluation will be a video of the property including my thoughts on its usefulness for your specific goals ($150).


The second option is intended for current property owners. This option consist of a property walk on site with you. We will take the time needed to talk about your goals and how to best to fulfill them on your property. You are welcome video this session for future reference ($350). 

2. Property Design

Here is where we put pen to paper and overlay your goals with your property design. This is done with careful consideration to account for energy, water flow and access. We will also be designing to reduce complexity, cost of installation and maintenance where possible. The design is intended to be both strategic and practical!

We will design an rough aerial layout of the property as well as a "Road Map" which is a guide with steps to accomplishing your goals and dreams for the property. The "Road Map" helps prioritize projects to maximize efficiency, reduce roadblocks, and increase enjoyment while you embark on your journey of building the property of your dreams!

The cost for the design and roadmap is $450 and requires a property evaluation. This price includes one month of "Implementation Support" retainer so that you can call, text or email questions and so that we can make adjustments to your roadmap and design where needed. 

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3. Implementation Support

Let's face it, we all need a little help figuring out the details sometimes! As you work to implement the designs, you may need some help and direction. We've got you covered!

We offer hourly or retainer options, so whether you just need a quick question answered or you need to talk through the details of your water catchment system, we have an option that will work well for you. We can also provide physical on site help for clients who live close enough to be practical.